Are you arriving by plane and still need a transfer to Herning and back? Take a look at GoShuttle Herning  – they offer a 24/7 airport transfer to and from Billund Airport
Billund Airport<>Herning (MCH, hotel or private address)
1-3 pax:
From 06:00-18:00 – DKK 795
From 18:00-06:00 and all weekend (1-3 pax.)  – DKK 995
4-7 pax:
From 06:00-18:00 – DKK 995
From 18:00-06:00 and all weekend (4-7 pax.) – DKK 1195
The car seats 7 passengers. Wi-fi and water is free during the 35 minutes trip.
Payment is cash or with credit card – all cards accepted and receipts are always issued.
Book trips on info@goshuttle.dk or call +45 2194 7526 if you need an immediate trip.
Open trips are available – if you are only one person, trips can be shared with others – price per person is then DKK 300.
Get more information at www.goshuttle.dk