Over the period of 4 days there were about 10.000 visitors, 255 riders, 50 exhibitors and 120 crew members in the Equsana Arena in the MCH Herning Messecenter.

”It went really great. The seats were filled, the participants were happy. Everything worked out exactly how it should. It was a success!”

Graphic designer Stine Sandahl tells. Together with toprider and trainer Rasmus Møller Jensen and schoolteacher Lone Bertelsen she came up with the idea of the event. Now the three build the main team behind the Icehorse Festival.

The Icehorse Festival 2018 was the world’s biggest, international world ranking indoor competition for Icelandic horses with 255 riders from 8 different countries.

As one of the judges stated during the festival, the presentations from riders and horses at this competition have been remarkably good, even though the riding season had just started. Accordingly some of the given marks have been really high.

– with such a great start into the season we are looking forward to the next competitions a lot.

The Icehorse Festival is a really broad event, where also B class riders and Junior riders were allowed to mingle with top riders, both national and international. This ensured a great mood where knowledge could be gained everywhere.

Additionally there was the possibility to take part in 18 different horse related lectures that were organised by the Danish Icelandic Horse Association in the context of their 50 year anniversary. Everybody could take part in those – riders, visitors, volunteers and exhibitors.

The youngest rider of the competition was only 9 years old, which could not be seen in his presentation. The oldest participant was nearly 60 years old and they both showed once again, that age has no meaning within this sport. This also includes the horses – the winner of the fourgait stallion show was the 23 year old stallion Jarl fra Miðkrika.

On Sunday the Festival finished with a row of great finals, where the riders and horses showed their best on a really high level!

“We thank all of those by heart, that helped making the Icehorse Festival such a success!” Stine Sandahl, Rasmus Møller Jensen and Lone Bertelsen conclude.


– 921 unique IP adresses followed the festival via livestream and watched an average period of continuous 6 hours

– The Icehorse visitors drank 270 l milk in their coffee!

 There were over 100.000 page visits on our website!

– Pageviews on the IHF ticker: 123.000

– 3.500 unique visitors on the ticker from Denmark!