The first day of the 2019 Icehorse Festival is over, and what can we say – it was awesome!

The atmosphere was great, everyone was in a good mood, we could watch some spectacular presentations on the track and we even premiered our first own Icehorse song! And we have only just begun. There are three full days of celebration still ahead of us!

Today ended with some exceptional rides in the Karlslund Rideudstyr V1, leaving us excited for the finals on Saturday and Sunday. Who we will see then, is not completely sure yet, due to some double nominations, but these are the scores we have ended up with today:

Johann Runar Skulason and Finnbogi frá Minni-Reykjum (7,67)
Steffi Svendsen and Sjóli von Teland (7,30)
Nils-Christian Larsen and Garpur fra Højgaarden (7,17)
Nils-Christian Larsen and Þeyr frá Kolneset (7,10)
Julie Christiansen and Felix frá Blesastöðum 1A (6,90)
Agnes Helga Helgadóttir and Sigur fra Jakobsgården (6,90)

Anne Stine Haugen and Draumur fra Høje Sandbjerggård (6,83)
Hans-Christian Løwe and Skvísa fra Vivildgård (6,83)
Inge-Petrine Bæk and Ljóska frá Borgareyrum (6,80)
Frederikke Larsen and Veigur frá Eystri-Hól (6,77)
Sys Pilegaard and Fluga frá Langsstöðum (6,73)

You can see all results here.

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