Pernille Lyager Møller has just moved back to Denmark after a good 9 years in Iceland. Today she had her competition debut with her gelding Rokkur frá Ytra-Vallholti at the Icehorse Festival 2019.

“It was a lot of fun. It’s a great concept at this time of the year and you can really feel the great mood everywhere. People are excited and the air ist almost buzzing”, says a very smiling Pernille while she is unsaddling Rokkur after their first tölt preliminary round in Denmark.

Both Pernille and Rokkur came to Denmark in the fall of 2018, and much has happened since the last time Pernille rode at a competition in Denmark.

“The last time I took part in a competition in Denmark was back in 2007 or 2008. A lot has happened in these 10 years, I think. Last time I rode as a junior/ young rider, at that time you of course look a little bit different at things than you do as a professional. Although It is actually the same thing to ride at the competitions today, it is somehow a little different. It’s a slightly different structure that I just need to get to know, but there is just everything under control around here – where you have to be and when, and the schedule is just on point. In a way, this gives you a good, calm feeling.” Pernille says.

Is it different to ride the competition in Denmark in relation to Iceland? “It’s a bit hard to compare now that this is a real WRL competition. There are a lot of indoor competitions up there, but the tracks are much smaller with some kind of barrier to make it resemble a oval track. But this is a real oval track, where the long sides are longer and there is much more space. So it’s hard to compare, but I think it was fun and well-managed to ride in there and there is a very good atmosphere” Pernille tells.

Pernille and Rokkur came out on a preliminary 4. place in T. 3 with a grade of 6.53 and thus will ride the A-finals on Sunday at 9.05am. But before that, there will be a second preliminary round for the couple in V2 on Friday at 12.45.

Photo by SashArts