All the riders and horses have now been through their fivegait program in Katla Rideudstyr F2. The winner of the class was with a total of 7.23 points Veronica Rauch and Söngvinn från Artinge. Below you can see, which riders we will see in the A and B finals on weekends.


A-final, 14:35 Sunday:

Veronica Rauch and Söngvinn från Artinge (7,23)

Agnar Snorri Stefansson and Bjartmar fra Nedre Sveen (6,77)

Steffi Svendsen and Midas fra Jelshøjen (6,73)

Johanna Beuk and Djásn frá Vesturkoti (6,73)

Cecilie Catharina Langvad and Grani frá Torfunesi (6,43)

Steffi Plattner and Dynur frá Dalsmynni (6,43)


B-finale, 12:55 Saturday:

Tryggvi Björnsson and Kúnst frá Steinnesi (6,37)

Jeanette Holst Gohn and Viktor fra Kirstineholm (6,33)

Nils-Christian Larsen and Póker fra Højgaarden (6,30)

Steffi Svendsen and Glódís fra Teland (6,10)

Christina Johansen and Nóri fra Vivildgård (6,10)


Congratulations to the talented riders and horses!