Her mother was so nervous, her hands were shaking.

But seven-year-old Summer Sandlau Jacobsen was quite relaxed before she rode into the Equsana Arena in Hreppurs T. 3 preliminary round. She had “a few butterflies in her stomach,” as she says, but most of all was excited to get on the track with her horse, the 17-year-old Vakur fra Gultentorp.

The youngest participant of the cempetition got a great applause from the audience, when she had finished riding, and when she rode out of the EqusanaArena, Summer was one big smile.

“We are happy, really happy!” it sounded from Summers’s mother when the young rider was too overwhelmed to answer questions.

Photo: Sasharts

Summer Sandlau Jacobsen and her family come from Zealand, and Summer actually registered, because her big sister Palma is also starting at Icehorse Festival.

Summer is a little girl and does not occupy much on Vakur, but she manages him with great routine and trusts her horse 100 percent, which she has had since last year.

“He is simply such a lovely horse. He has will, but she is simply so good at riding him, so I have no second thoughts when letting her ride on the competition track.” said her mother after the ride, which went entirely according to plan.

The only problem was that Summer does not speak English, which is why she was a little worried, when she found out that the speaker tells the tasks in English. Fortunately, the secretariat was helpful, and so in Summers’s heat the speaker also announced what the riders had to do in Danish.

Summer Sandlau Jacobsen will be on the track again during the Icehorse Festival, when she will be riding the Højgaarden Hestehospital 4.2 on her Vacur on Friday.