For Maria Brønnum Christensen, Friday morning’s Dansk Hesteforsikring T4 was an experience out of the ordinary.

It is also her birthday, so the Icehorse Festival secretariat had provided a birthday song for her when she rode on the track in T4’s last assignment, tölt with loose rein.

The audience joined in and began to applaud to the music for the great joy of today’s birthdaygirl.

“It was a great experience. Really cool!” she says after her ride.

Her horse, Freyja from Skinbjerg, has gone with foals for the past two years, and it is the first competition of the mare after the break. According to Maria, the mare felt completely at home in the good atmosphere on the track.

“She loves it here and would much rather be on the track than walk around with foals. The more the audience applauds, the happier she is.” Maria tells about her jump.

The couple also performed very well and finished with 6.17 points and a place in the B-final.