Time flies – the first half of the Icehorse Festival 2019 is already over!

Today we have seen some exciting preliminary rounds in the Dansk Hesteforsikring T4, the Brogaarden F1, the Højgård Hestehospital V2 and the Skibby HC T2. We gained some knowledge during the interesting DITalks and we let loose during the RytterYoga and Rytter-Rytmik sessions. And of course we went crazy in all the shops!

The last class of today, the Skibby HC T2, ended with the following horses and riders in the finals:

A-final Sunday 15.35:
Nils-Christian Larsen and Ísbjörn vom Schloss Nienover (7,30)
Hans-Christian Løwe and Eldjárn fra Vivildgård (7,27)
Esmee Versteeg and Listi frá Malou (7,17)
Julie Christiansen and Felix frá Blesastöðum 1A (6,90)
Nicole Mai Nielsen and Glanni frá Dalvík (6,83)

B-final Saturday 10.15:
Søren Madsen and Søren Madsen (6,77)
Dennis Hedebo Johansen and Sindri frá Helgatúni (6,77)
Christina Johansen and Nóri fra Vivildgård (6,77)
Eline Bengtsen and Pistill frá Litlu-Brekku (6,73)
Alberte Møller-San Pedro and Arnar fra Store Skovgaard (6,67)
Stephan Michel and Hafþór frá Sólvangi (6,67)

Congratulations to all of them!

We are looking forward to a great time tomorrow with a lot of exciting B finals, the new futurity classes and of course the spectacular stallionshow. We hope you are going to join us, either here in Herning or via our livestream!