Sebastian is one of the many officials here at the Icehorse Festival 2019. His main task is to provide the track, and he is a really passionate track commander.

“I am responsible for the track and must make sure that the track in the Equsana Arena is as good as possible,” he says.

A task that requires knowledge and experience, and not least the tools and help of Skibby HC, who have build the track to the Icehorse Festival 2019.

“One of the challenges of making an indoor track is that the track needs the perfect amount of water. If the track gets too little water, it gets loose at the top and thus heavy to ride on. If it gets too much water, the track becomes a lake and thus also heavy”says Sebastian says, explaining how the amount of water is crucial to a good course.

What is is like to be a helper at the Icehorse Festival?
“It’s a great experience to be a helper here. It’s really nice to be in a competition with such a great positivity, from riders to volunteers to visitors and all around. Everyone works into the same direction, everyone wants to achieve the same goal and it is as good an experience as possible”, says a smiling Sebastian as he adds: “I have worked at a number of events and there is no doubt, that this is the best place to be, because everyone works together as a big team”

In addition to being the head of the track team for the Icehorse Festival, Sebastian and his team are the people who are on the track most often. All in all 36 times – that is the number of track peperation that is planned for the weekend in Herning. “I’m the one gets the most laps on the track – I think that’s a lot of fun,” Sebastian laughs laughs.

The track team started Tuesday morning at 08.00am in the Equsana Arena and at 5pm the track was finished. Awesome!




Photo by SashArts