The B final in the Hreppur T3 is now over and the results are ready.

The winners of the B final, who get the chance to compete in the A final on Sunday at 9:05am are: Caroline Holvad and Eldur fra Bækgård and Julie Sneholt and Glóey frá Halakoti.

The other riders enden up like this:

Jeanette Holst Gohn and Viktor fra Kirstineholm

Amalie Møller-San Pedro and Fengur frá Flugumýri

Caroline Sandberg and Bassi fra Lykkesgård

A happy winner of the Hreppur T3 B final

In the Dansk Hesteforsikring T4 there were two winner as well: Ida Emilie Kaasgaard and Dropi fra Tungu and Maria Brønnum Christensen and Freyja fra Skindberg – both with 6,21 points.

Congratulations with your spot in the A final to all of you!

Remember you can buy daytickets at the entrance for 350 DKK in case you can’t be with us here in Herning, you can still watch the Zibrasports livestream from home for only 199 DKK or 27€.