The fourgait stallionshow is over and it definitely was a big party!

In the first place is Snorri fra Enighed with his rider Søren Madsen – a popular man in the hall, if you ask the audience.

In the second place are the pretty Hnokki fra Fellskoti ridden by Stina Larsen. And in third place is Viti fra Kagaðarhóli ridden by Steffi Svendsen. All three horses presented themselfs really good and excited the audience.

Photo: SashArts

In the fivegait stallionshow the winner was Tryggvi Björnsson and Örvar frá Efri-Hrepp.

The second place went to Rasmus Møller Jensen and Vaki frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, and the third place to Susanne Larsen Murphy and Völsungur frá Skeiðvöllum.

Foto: Toltaren / Sofie Lahtinen Carlsson