All the livestreaming from Icehorse Festival 2019 is now online at Zibrasport. You can find the participant lists here on our website.

Enjoy the speak of Iben Katrine Møller Andersen and Cecilie Langvad who invited several interesting co-speakers in the speaker box. You will learn a lot!


Stian Pedersen
Julie Christiansen
F2 2nd part Søren Madsen

F1 from 3pm Johan Häggberg
T2 1st part Anne Fornstedt

T1 1st part Rune Svendsen
T2 B final Julie Christiansen
T1 2nd part Johan Häggberg
F2 B final Søren Madsen
T1 3rd part Nils-Christian Larsen

T1 B final Stian Pedersen
F1 A final Julie Christiansen
V1 A final Johan Häggberg
F2 A final Johan Häggberg
T2 A final Anne Fornstedt
T1 A final Rune Svendsen