The F2 preliminary at the Icehorse Festival is over and wauw a lot of great performances and speed from all horses and riders.

The following riders and horses have qualified for the finals:

Frauke Schenzel // Njála vom Kronshof // 6,90
Agnar Snorri Stefánsson // Maximus frá Telmustöðum // 6,83
Christina Lund // Gulltoppur frá Selfossi // 6,63
Agnar Snorri Stefánsson // Kolgrímur Grímsson från Gunvarbyn // 6,60
Steffi Svendsen // Heljar frá Brekknakoti // 6,47
Berit Ertmann // Trommari frá Skálakoti // 6,17

Charlotte Cook // Hrauney fra Bakkeholm // 6,10
Jeanette Holst Gohn // Asi frá Reyrhaga // 6,03
Nathalie Silverberg // Júlía fra Tyrevoldsdal // 6,00
Roaske Kompagne // Bragi frá Hagahofi // 5,97
Mille Fuglsang // Þristur frá Margrétarhofi // 5,93

Congratulations to all the talented finalists!

Photos by: Patty van der Kaaij

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