Charlotte Cook – Hrauney fra Bakkeholm // 6.40
Nathalie Silverberg – Júlía fra Tyrevoldsdal // 6.33
Jeanette Holst Gohn – Asi frá Reyrhaga // 5.98
Roaske Kompagne – Bragi frá Hagahofi // 5.95
Mille Fuglsang – Þristur frá Margrétarhofi // 5.74

Congratulations to all riders and we are looking forward to seeing Charlotte and Hrauney in the A-final tomorrow.

If you can’t join us in Herning, remember you can follow via livestream for only 199 DKK!…/icehorse-festival-2022…/

Tickets are available at the entrance and you can find all the results and starting lists online on