Congratulations Steffi Svendsen and Starri fra Teland! They win the final with 6,57.

The winner for junior riders is Caroline Wehner Wall and Mélnir fra Skovbogaard with 5,90 in the preliminaries. 

The winner for young riders is Emilie Saaugaard-Haaning and Vaka fra Nr. Tolstrup with a total of 6,30.

The results from the senior A-final are: 

Steffi Svendsen – Starri fra Teland // 6,57

Caroline Holvad – Eldur fra Bækgård // 6,43

Sigrid Bisgaard Amstrup // 6,37

Lisa La Cour – Leistur frá Hólum // 6,23

Emilie Sausgaard-Haaning – Vaka fra Nr. Tolstrup // 5,80

Agnete Præstholm Schneider – Muni fra Langtved // 5,13

Photos by Ida Marie Jensen.