The final block of the T2 preliminary rounds presented by Dansk Hesteforsikring has just concluded, and we have witnessed some amazing moments with great horses and riders 🥳

Congratulations to the following riders making it to the finals on Saturday and Sunday!

🏆 A-finals

Christina Johansen and Nóri fra Vivildgård with 7.47

Christina Johansen and Falinn fra Vivildgård with 7.40

Elin Virgarsdottir Tindskard and Óskar frá Breiðstöðum with 7.20

Christina Johansen and Farsæll fra Vivildgård with 7.20

Molly Emilie Ejlersen and Meyvant frá Feti with 7.17

Anna Funni Jonasson and Garri frá Fitjum with 7.07

Gerd Flender and Kanill vom Kranichtal with 6.93

🏆 B-finals

Dennis Hedebo Johansen and Djarfur frá Álfhólum with 6.80

Catharina Smidth and Paradís frá Steinsholti with 6.80

Rikke Schöllhammer Wolff and Arko vom Heesberg with 6.67

Kristian Tofte Ambo and Rósalín fra Almindingen with 6.63

Almira Rasch Stæhr and Kjalar van de Valge with 6.60

We are looking forward to seeing you again in the finals! 🤩

Picture by Anja Mogensen