5 days until you can register for the stallion and youngster classes at Icehorse Festival 2024 🥳

In the EQUES Equipment Stallion Line-up you get the chance to present your stallion to several thousand visitors in the arena and viewers at home via livestream on Saturday evening. With other words THE opprtunity of the year to show your stallion🔥

More information: https://www.sporti.dk/event/activity.php?id=10342

The Young Stars Futurity class is seperated in 3 different classes, Tölt, Fourgait and Fivegait. The judges announce points during the ride for everyone to hear and also give their reasoning for the points. Only the best moments of each gait get judged. Sounds exciting? More information: https://www.sporti.dk/event/activity.php?id=10343

And if you do not want to join on the track, remeber to get your ticket: