Initiatives regarding the horses’ welfare at Icehorse Festival

At Icehorse Festival 2024 there will be even more focus on the horses’ welfare than there already has been – this includes the conduction of the sportsclasses, during the shows and in the stables.

We wish for the horses to get rest in the stables. This means that from the evening to the morning only riders and helpers with errands are allowed in the stables from 8pm and 9am. Visitors are welcome during the day, but please take the horses into consideration and do not touch them.

We are looking forward to a great atmosphere in the arena, but the volume will stay under the new threshold set by FEIF.

In general the horses’ welfare is really important for us at Icehorse Festival und we take both the new rules and the requests for increased initiatives in this area seriously. The Festival therefor also participates in the project of the Danish Icelandichorse Association regarding increased equipment check. This means that there will be 100 % equipment check during the whole event – both during sportsclasses and in connection with this year’s shows.

Stallion Line-Up 2024
In this year’s Icehorse Festival Stallion Line-up the horses will be shown in pairs on the track. The rider is allowed to decide by himself, how to present the stallion and its gaits best. During the presentation the speaker will read facts about the horse from WorldFengur and provided by the owner. There will be no evaluation of the stallions, as we wish every participating stallion to get their own “moment of fame”. The stallions should be presented individually and beatifully instead of having to present under specific criteria. This is why we also encourage the riders to show the special traits of the individual horse.

This way of showing the horses differs from the last years, where the horses were evaluated by several judges during their ride, with the five best horses advancing to the final. These changes have been made to take the horses welfare into account as much as possible.    At this year’s Icehorse Festival we are looking forward to seeing athletic stallions, which give the audience goosebups with their impressive presentations – be it a round of powerful tölt or some exceptional flying pace down the long side.

Young Stars Futurity
–  with an eye for the best moments
When the young, talented horses of 5 and 6 years (born in 2019 and 2018) are shown in the “Young Stars Futurity” classes at this year’s Icehorse Festival, it is with special focus on harmonious presentations.

In these classes with the young horses the judging focuses on the best moments in every gait. Futurity classes differ from sports classes as single mistakes do not affect the overall evaluation. Every gait is judged individually. Furthermore there is a grade for general presentation: This includes form, harmony and general impression or x-factor. The speed of all the gaits is up to the rider; speed changes are allowed at can show the horse’s potential und capacity.   This type of test does not have finals and the winners are announces according to their points. The best 5 and 6 year old horses in each class are honored in seperate ceremonys. The tests are hold in accordance with the FEIF Rules & Regulations 2024, therefore all general rules will apply. Regarding the equipment there will be an exception as it is not allowed to ride with a bit with leverage mechanism or a Pelham-bit.


New initiatives to improve the horses’ welfare at Icehorse Festival:  

– 100% equipment check – sport and shows.

– Quiet in the stables between 8pm and 9am. Visitors are expected to be considerate when visiting the stables during daytime and not touch the horses.

– The volume on the track will be accoring to FEIFs new rules and as agreed with the chief judge.

– Only “soft” bits in the Futurity, no bits with leverage mechanism or pelham.

– The stallion show is changed to a Line-up, – this means a presentation of the stallions without finals, with good possibilities to show each stallion’s individual talent and capacity.