The results from Top Reiter Danmark F2 preliminary rounds are in! 

We can congratulate the following riders, who we will see again in the finals on Saturday and Sunday ūü•≥ūü§©


Nils-Christian Larsen and √ďr√≠on vom Kronshof with 6.33

Agnete Præstholm Schneider and Sæmi fra Langtved with 6.23

S√łren Madsen and Stormur fra Lysholm with 6.23

Sasha Sommer and Baltasar frá Fákshólum with 6.17

Anne Frank Andresen and A√įall fr√° Steinnesi with 6.10


√ďskar Erik Kristj√°nsson and Katla fra Tindb√¶k with 6.03

James Faulkner and Sólbjartur frá Akureyri with 6.00

Katie Sundin Brumpton and Kolbeinn fr√•n F√∂gruhl√≠√į with 5.90

Anne Kirstine Bach Skovbo and Villi fr√° Gar√įab√¶ with 5.63

Birgitte Lykou Dahl and √Ārvakur fr√° Au√įsholtshj√°leigu with 5.60

Congratulations to the riders and horses!