The results from Rytterstuen Rideudstyr V2 preliminary rounds are in!

We can congratulate the following riders, who we will see again in the finals on Saturday and Sunday 🥳🤩


Amalie Haubo-San Pedro and Fagur von der Wechter Mark with 6.43

James Faulkner and Þór från Hagstad with 6.37

Caroline Holvad and Eldur fra Bækgård with 6.20

Christa Rike and Vonadís frá Fensalir with 6.13

Filippa Montan and Haukur fra Slippen with 6.10


Elise Lundhaug and Piltur vom Kronshof with 6.10

Christie Bruun and Vala fra Amhøj with 6.03

Pernille Blak and Kristall frá Hákoti with 6.00

Louise Löfgren and Aron fra Stall-Lind with 5.97

Camilla Lavrsen and Ösp frá Fornustöðum with 5.90

Congratulations to the riders and horses!

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Photo by Anja Mogensen Photography