The results from Equsana F1 preliminary rounds are in and we can congratulate the following riders, who we will see again in the finals on Saturday and Sunday 💥🥳


Nils-Christian Larsen and Gustur vom Kronshof with 7.23

Louise Löfgren and Týr från Svala Gård with 7.07

Vicky Eggertsson and Gandur vom Sperlinghof with 7.07

Anne Frank Andresen and Vökull frá Leirubakka with 7.03

Bergþór Eggertsson and Eldur frá Hrafnsholti with 7.00


Finja Polenz and Nótt vom Kronshof with 6.97

Julie Christiansen and Sindri frá Syðra-Velli with 6.93

Søren Madsen and Skinfaxi fra Lysholm with 6.90

Agnar Snorri Stefánsson and Kolgrímur Grímsson från Gunvarbyn with 6.87

Lilja Thordarson and Ófeigur frá Árbæjarhjáleigu II with 6.87

Congratulations to the riders and horses!🍾🍾