We just wrapped up the Fager Bit T4 B-finale – and what a great way to set of the B finals!

Congratulations to all riders and we are looking forward to seeing Elfa and Kjarkur in the A-final tomorrow. ūüéČ

Elfa √ďsk Eggertsson and Kjarkur vom Ruppiner Hof with 6.21

Sofie Runge and Albert fr√° Akri with 6.08

Mads Borg and Kristall fr√° Langh√ļsum with 5.92

Mathilde Ditlev and √Ālfad√≠s fra Vivildg√•rd with 5.83

Kamma Runnom Vinther and Neisti frá Lækjarbotnum with 5.04