We just finished the second to last B-final and congratulations to Søren and Skinfaxi who will join the A-final tomorrow! ✨✨

Congratulations to the following riders on a great final 🏆

Søren Madsen and Skinfaxi fra Lysholm with 6.93

Julie Christiansen and Sindri frá Syðra-Velli with 6.76

Agnar Snorri Stefánsson and Kolgrímur Grímsson från Gunvarbyn with 6.71

Lilja Thordarson and Ófeigur frá Árbæjarhjáleigu II with 6.38

Finja Polenz and Nótt vom Kronshof with 5.76

📸Anja Mogensen Photography and @nati.riedel