Another group of young talented horses have just left the track after this year’s Futurity Toelt! ✨✨

We continue to be amazed by the young horses that are performing so well in the big arena! We are looking forward the seeing them on the track in the future 🤩 The riders and horses received the following marks: 

5 yo 🏆

Hans-Christian Løwe and Konsert fra Vivildgård with 7.43

Alisa Zielosko and Salvar fra Gavnholt with 7.00

Dicte Hasselstrøm and Alvar fra Dalvang with 6.37

Rikke Knudsen and Draupnir fra Rank with 5.93

6 yo 🏆

Sys Pilegaard and Fríða fra Vindhøj with 8.00

Hans-Christian Løwe and Hrannar fra Vivildgård with 7.60

Christina Johansen and Natan fra Vivildgård with 7.47

Kristian Tofte Ambo and Tesla fra Rank with 7.37

Anne Kathrine Carlsen and Skvísa fra Bredahl with 6.80