The first class of Icehorse Festival is over and what a performance from all horses and riders.

The following riders and horses have qualified for the finals:

Lisa La Cour, Leistur fra Hólum – 6,43
Caroline Holvad, Eldur fra Bækgård – 6,43
Stian Pedersen, Amor fra Jakobsgården – 6,37
Steffi Svendsen, Starri fra Teland – 6,37
Agnete Præstholm Schneider, Muni fra Langtved – 6,30
Emilie Saaugaard-Haaning, Vaka fra Nr. Tolstrup – 6,30

Josefine Hylander Christensen, Ýmir fra Spøttrup Mark – 6,20
Lena Becker, Hvammur frá Völlum – 6,10
Sigrid Bisgaard Amstrup, Demantur fra Vivildgård – 6,03
Anne Askgaard, Frami fra Eskildsminde – 5,97

Congratulations to all the talented finalists!

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And you can find all the results and startinglists online at If you want to see the breaks in the different classes please use the web version instead of the Icetest app.