What a test, what a day – what a weekend! ✨🤩🥳

We just witnessed an amazing and nail-biting T1 final here in Herning! This was rewarded with marks up to 8,5, and left the audience speechless! 

Let’s congratulate the last winners of the Brogaarden T1:

Rasmus Møller Jensen and Röskur fra Skjød with 8.06

Jóhann Rúnar Skúlason and Evert fra Slippen with 8.00

Johanna Beuk and Mía frá Flagbjarnarholti with 7.61

Laura Midtgård and Gimsteinn frá Íbishóli with 7.39

Katie Sundin Brumpton and Salvar frá Klukku with 7.28

Styrmir Arnason and Özur frá Ásmundarstöðum 3 with 7.22

Thank you to everyone that came out to Herning and spend their time with us – visitors, exhibitors, riders and especially all the outstanding volunteers!