The spectators could see a spectacular presentation of the riders! And a married couple made it to this final together, let’s hope for a quiet drive home 😉 Winner of this class is Nils-Christian and Gustur 🎉🥇

The riders ranked as following 🏆🏆

Nils-Christian Larsen and Gustur vom Kronshof with 7.48

Anne Frank Andresen and Vökull frá Leirubakka with 7.24

Bergþór Eggertsson and Eldur frá Hrafnsholti with 6.93

Søren Madsen and Skinfaxi fra Lysholm with 6.69

Vicky Eggertsson and Gandur vom Sperlinghof with 4.95

Louise Löfgren and Týr från Svala Gård with 2.14

📸Anja Mogensen Photography and @nati.riedel