The HNO1 T3 preliminary round has just finished and we saw a lot of great riders and horses! Congratulations to the following riders, who have qualified for the finals Saturday and Sunday:


Caroline Holvad and Eldur fra Bækgård with 6.73

Anja M. Lehner and Blær frá Lynghaga with 6.33

Caroline Holvad and Pipar frá Þúfum with 6.33

Amalie Haubo-San Pedro and Fagur von der Wechter Mark with 6.27

Pernille Larsen and Sölvi frá Barkarstöðum with 6.20

Rikke Schöllhammer Wolff and Örvar frá Efri-Hrepp with 6.20


Michelle Munkholm Andersen and Gammur frá Vesturkoti with 6.10

Pernille Blak and Kristall frá Hákoti with 6.00

Julie Thorsbye Andersen and Garpur frá Kjarri with 5.93

Jette Gram and Talía frá Velli II with 5.93

Vanja Roulin and Dimmi frá Engjavatni with 5.90

📸Anja Mogensen Photography