Have you ever been to a music festival?
Probably. Then you should know what to expect. ICEHORSE FESTIVAL is a lot like a music festival, where you can pick out your favorite bands and experience great music together with friends. But at ICEHORSE FESTIVAL the music has been replaced with horses and riders, who will take the scene and give you a great show for four whole days.

A celebration for both riders and spectators
From the 7.-10. of April 2022 you can choose to take part in the sport A- or B, Futurity Tölt or stallion show, you can come as a visitor or you can do both. As a spectator, you can cheer on the amazing horses and riders throughout the preliminary rounds Thursday and Friday (and of course go shopping in the exhibition area) and you can feel the excitement of the finals in the weekend.

Stallions and breeding show
Throughout the weekend there will be a range of educational lectures. Saturday and Sunday we will put on a great show of amazing stallions, and some of the most successful breeding farms will show off their best horses in the breeding show. 


The Icelandic horse is one of the worlds most amazing horse breeds, and this great animal deserves a good celebration! In the spirit of the Icelandic horse, the festival will be a nice and fun place to be spectator, exhibitor, rider and horse. This calls for the best conditions and a team of dedicated people passionate about horses and the social life surrounding the sport.

Versatile event
The worlds first indoor World Ranking-competition offers both sport A- og B, and there will be competed in the disciplines Fourgait, Fivegait and Toelt. Thus you will get to see a broad representation of the best European sports riders.

3000 m² exhibition area
Do not miss the 3.000 m2 exhibition area, where the exhibitors have prepared great deals and brought all the newest equipment for the Icelandic horse. You can also look forward to educational lectures, exciting clinics, beautiful breeding shows and much, much more.
Horse welfare and the world’s biggest indoor track
Obviously, horse welfare has top priority, so for the sake of the horses the facilities are unique. The world’s biggest indoor oval track is built in cooperation with professional partners, and there will be stable and a warm-up track in Hall Q.

Numbered seats for everyone
There is room for approximately 3000 spectators, and we are looking forward to welcoming you all. All spectators will get a numbered seat, and if you get hungry, there will be a wide selection of food available.

We can’t wait to welcoming you all at the world’s biggest celebration of the Icelandic horse!



The team behind ICEHORSE FESTIVAL is three dedicated Icelandic horse-enthusiasts. They all have great experience with horse events, and have worked with big, international events such as The World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2015, Icetoelt, The Nordic Championships for Icelandic Horses 2014 and World Toelt.

Rasmus Møller Jensen
Rasmus Møller Jensen runs a professionel training stable south of Aalborg. He is an elite competition rider and also the man behind the popular riding equipment brand EQUES. Rasmus has a lifelong career behind him with Icelandic horses, and has for example been co-owner of the event ICETØLT in Frederikshavn.

Stine Sandahl
Stine Sandahl is an independent grafic designer. Throughout the last several years, she has been working with PR and communication at management level on many Icelandic horse-events such as The World Championships for Icelandic Horses, The Nordic Championships for Icelandic Horses and World Toelt. Stine also runs the breeding farm Haarbygaard Hestar outside of Skanderborg.

Lone Mølholm Bertelsen
Lone Mølholm Bertelsen is a schoolteacher and former Key Account manager. Lone has full overview of all details and has worked with project management, sales and economi on events such as World Toelt, The World Championships for Icelandic Horses, The Nordic Championships for Icelandic Horses and the magazine ISHINGSTE Norden. Of course Lone also has her own little herd of Iceladic horses.

Stine Sandahl

Graphic designer, PR/communication

Lone Mølholm Bertelsen

Info, sponsors, exhibitors

Rasmus Møller Jensen

Sponsors, VIP, riders


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