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As you know, it takes two to tango, so that is why we invite all potential partners to come dance with us. For you as a partner or exhibitor, that means you can obtain great exposure by being a part of ICEHORSE FESTIVAL.

Attractive packages
We offer different, attractive packages, so you as a partner or exhibitor can make sure that your company or brand receives the biggest and best exposure. We strive for well-balanced and positive partnerships with mutual support and good cooperation.

Huge Exhibitionarea
There will be a 3.000 m² exhibitionarea at the festival, where we offer booths of all sizes. Feel free to contact us on how you product can be shown best.

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HAL M is the biggest hall in Messecenter Herning. The venue in Herning has hostet various international horse competitions such as The World Championships and Nordic Championships for Icelandic Horses, and the annual Horse & Rider-exhibition, competition and breeding show for Danish warmblood.


We will help create the perfect deal for you

Get exposure for your brand, stallion or company directly to an interested and curious audience. The magazine “Icehorse” is a big and spectacular magazine in an elegant design, which contains several possibilities for advertising and will come out in 1.500 copies. The magazine will contain program, starting lists, information about stallions, professional articles and interesting interviews with famous riders.


Advertising in the Icehorse magazine:

Page 2 or back cover page ad: 7.500 DKK
W:270xH:297 mm

1/1 page: 4.500 DKK
W:210xH:297 mm

½ page: 3.500 DKK
Horizontal – W:210xH:140 mm
Vertical – W:90xH: 290 mm

¼ page: 2.500 DKK
Horizontal – W:210xH: 70mm
Vertical – W: 90xH:96mm

Logo on the entry ticket: 15.000 DKK

Banner ad on www.icehorsefestival.com: 1.500 DKK

Your logo runs until the site is updated for next event.
Graphics: Max. 130×160 pixels in jpg or animated gif.

Ad on the big screen during breaks: 1.500 DKK

Graphics: jpg file. W:1024xH:768 pixels. 72 dpi

Video on the big screen during breaks: 3.500 DKK

Graphics: mp4 or mov file. W:1024xH:768 pixels. Max length 25 seconds.

Perimeter Advertising: 3.000 DKK pr plate

Show your logo at the side of the track with great visibility!
The logo should be on white background and can be repeated several times.
It should be delivered glued in plastic or foamboard or on plastic pressening. Full size: W3m x H60 cm
It should be delivered to Booth 9900 in Hal M, MCH Tuesday March 28th 3pm.

Possible manufacturer in Poland: biuro@studio-reklamowe.pl
In DK: http://www.arskilte.dk/

All prices above are exclusive VAT and require complete material for all media.


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