Stallionshow – let’s make a show!

Rules and regulations:
There awill be three horses on the track in every heat, riding on the speaker’s command. Each Heat takes about 5 minutes.
First, the fourgaiters are shown and directly after the fivegaiters.
The following tasks will be shown:
4-gait 5-gait
1. Tølt (slow) 1. Tølt (slow)
2. Trott (slow to medium) 2. Trott
3. Walk (medium) 3. Walk (medium)
4. Canter (slow to medium) 4. Canter (slow to medium)
5. Tølt (fast) 5. Pace (twice, the best counts)
6. General impression (x2) 6. General impression (x2)
A jury consisting of judges/Geđinga judges will judge the stallions according to the breedings assesment /Gađinga scala. The horses are also judged regarding will and form under the rider.
Remember – the stallionshow is a show, so the overall impression will also include the ability of the the horse and rider to get the audience and the judges in a festive mood!
The overall impression counts twice.
In both disciplines, the top 5 stallion are selected for the final (not ranked). You can see which stallion is on the starting list for the final ( immediately after the preliminary round. In the finals the same tasks will be performed on the speakers command. The top 3 are ranked and rewarded. Points are not published but a brief statement by the judges.


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